Enhance the performance and extend the life of your M-Series controllers


Upgrade from this
to like factory new!

Your loyalty pays. Contrex is excited to offer an upgrade to loyal customers with installed Contrex (or Fenner) M-Series controllers.  This includes theM-TRIM, M-DRIVE, M-TRACK, M-ROTARY, M-CUT, M-SHUTTLE, and M-TRAVERSE precision motion controllers.


Take advantage of very favorable pricing while improving the performance of your controllers with new software and keypad, and extending the life of your controller with a new battery*, new gasket, and a new 1 year warranty.  Call Contrex at (800) 342-4411 to find out more about this cost saving program.


*Units that are older than ten years old or say "Fenner" on the keypad are likely nearing their internal battery expiration.  To prevent a potential unplanned machine shutdown and loss of control parameters, the internal battery must be replaced prior to expiration.



Contrex will upgrade any Contrex (or Fenner) M-Series controller to that specific model’s current software version.  The upgrade also includes:


  • Clean and refurbish your controller’s electronics to current model specifications
  • Replace the keypad and gasket
  • Replace any damaged bezel, chassis, and labels
  • Replace the internal battery
  • New 1 year warranty



List Price-New

Upgrade Price Total Savings 
M-TRIM $970 $680 30%
M-TRIM w/ Analog $1,155  $810 30%
M-DRIVE $1,005 $700 30%
M-DRIVE w/ Analog $1,185 $830 30%
M-TRACK $1,730 $1,210 30%
M-ROTARY $1,730 $1,210 30%
M-SHUTTLE $1,730 $1,210 30%
M-TRAVERSE $1,730 $1,210 30%
M-CUT $1,375 $1,210 12%


This is not an offer to sell refurbished/remanufactured units.  The units sent in for upgrade must contain a power supply, logic, and display board (and analog board if applicable); in any condition.  Units sent in with back panel connectors will be sent back to the customer with connectors.  Units sent in without back panel connectors will be sent back to the customer without connectors.