Optical Encoders

Optical Encoders

Industry Standard Optical Encoders for Sensing Speed and Direction



The Optical Encoders from CONTREX come in an industry standard cube style package that make it easy for direct replacement of other brand encoders.  Available in 600 pulses-per-revolution (PPR) and 1200 PPR, these encoders provide a single pulse-train for sensing motor speed, or quadrature pulse-trains for sensing speed and direction. 


  • Input Voltage:  +4.75 to +24VDC

  • Operating Temperature:  to 85 degree Celsius

  • Output Type:  Open Collector with pull-up resistor

  • Max Speed:  6000 RPM

  • Shaft Diameter:  0.250 inches  


Model Part No. Description Pulses-Per-Rev
ENCDR-600 3200-1340 Single Channel Cube-Style Encoder 600
ENCDR-1200 3200-1350 Single Channel Cube-Style Encoder 1200
QENCDR-600 3200-1341 Quadrature Cube-Style Encoder 600